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As Real As It Gets

ORIGIN: Philly, PA
FLAVOR: Soulful Hip Hop

Similar to many musical legends, past and present, D.O.E. (Dollars Over Everything) Boy Philly'S music is a combination of ingenuity, innovation, and power. As an MC, D.O.E.’s style is one of a conversational nature. He paint’s pictures in such a way, it sounds like spoken word or as if he’s having a direct one on one conversation with another person. He has the ability to command respect with his charm, energy and wrap one up in his sheer brilliance of vivid storytelling as only D.O.E. can do. No stranger to the game, D.O.E. has a history that stretches from Philly to LA, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and all points in between. D.O.E. has put in a lot of work and it’s very evident, even at the first listen. This experience has given D.O.E. Boy Philly the opportunity to prove to his fans that he has what it takes to surpass some of the more popular mainstream and independent artists out there. He was born and raised in SW Philadelphia, which taught him hard work and being his own man would take him a long way in this career.




He reminds you of Biggie, Scarface and J-Dilla. That’s right… not only is D.O.E. a great MC, he’s one of the dopest producers around.
As a producer, D.O.E.BOY PHILLY’s music has as much soul as heaven . In his brief stint in college, D.O.E. majored in music production. Like his predecessors Kanye, Big K.R.I.T. and J.Cole, D.O.E. shows that he's cut from a special cloth. 
 D.O.E. Boy Philly current release is the much anticipated opus: "The Gift". The critically acclaimed LP has been well received throughout the country. Recently, DOEBOY PHILLY dropped an instant classic on the High Off Life freestyle series, garnering over 3 millions views on Facebook. 

 D.O.E.BOY PHILLY is a part of the music conglomerate Business As Usual Entertainment, LLC. (BAU) He serves as an artist, producer and part owner. Behind the scenes, BAU has been one of the most forward thinking and innovative forces in music. It is now home to multiple award winning producers and artists that span from Philadelphia to Atlanta.

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