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High Off Life Freestyle - 

Doe Boy Philly 

Doe Boy Philly spins back for his 2nd solo appearance on the High Off Life platform. This freestyle is a 2 for 1 and leaves no debate on how ill he is... #Yemsayin #AtAll

Feelin like cover 2a.jpg

Feelin Like - Doe Boy Philly x Smitti Boi 

Doe Boy Philly links up with award-winning producer, Smitti Boi for their collaboration, "Feelin Like". When you've been thru something major and come up out of that situation better, this is the soundtrack to that moment.

From the duo's upcoming project: Signature Series - Vol. 1 (Snaps on the Petrol)

Listen to Doe Boy Philly and Smitti Boi's first single "Feelin Like" here...

Stay Over There - 

Doe Boy Philly x Sharod Starks

From the album "You Had To Be There", Doe Boy Philly and labelmate Sharod Starks inform all those who like to switch sides to "Stay Over There" with that sucka sh!t. You've been warned, #Yemsayin

The Stamp - 2 Much Dope

Big Brown and Doe Boy Philly are the monster-group "2 Much Dope". These power players from the 215 and the 251 came together to put the world on notice. "The Stamp" is the first single from their self titled debut. The real has returned... #Business!!!


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